Sponsoring Sustainability: Green Spaces “The Rooftop Hop”

August 27, 2013

RooftophopBy Eddie Wade, PE

LDA Engineering is proud to sponsor the The Rooftop Hop, a fundraising event for Green Spaces, in downtown Chattanooga on October 19. Green Spaces is a local charity created in 2008 that promotes sustainability in daily living, business operations and building practices in East Tennessee.

The 2013 Rooftop Hop will include five exclusive rooftop parties with drinks, music and light hors d’oeuvres at green buildings around downtown Chattanooga. Last year’s inaugural event sold out, and the second annual event is expected to be equally popular. The main rooftop party is located on the Bijou parking deck from 8 p.m. to 11:30 p.m. and feature a concert by WTM Blues Band and Space Capone, based out of Nashville. Five of Chattanooga’s top restaurants that are dedicated to sustainability and using local ingredients are providing hors d’oeuvres and specialty cocktails for the main event.

The Rooftop Hop is an entertaining, fun event, but LDA Engineering chose to be a sponsor because it raises money for a cause we believe in. We support Green Spaces in their mission of promoting sustainability in East Tennessee. Here at LDA Engineering, sustainability is integrated into everything we do. Water is one of our most precious natural resources, and we have to ensure that we protect this valuable resource for the future.

LDA has been an active corporate member of the East Tennessee community for more than 30 years, and we are truly invested in its future. This is our home, and we care about protecting the natural beauty and resources in our area for our children and grandchildren. When we build new water infrastructure in an area, we don’t just ask ourselves how we can accomplish our client’s goal, but what we decide the best way to accomplish it.

We are currently in the middle of several projects where sustainability is the central focus, including a major green infrastructure initiative in Chattanooga. LDA Engineering was recently chosen to assist in designing the Green Infrastructure Master Plan for the City of Chattanooga, which will complement the use of existing traditional infrastructure, such as storm drains, sewer systems and storage facilities, with green alternatives, including rain gardens, rain barrels, grass buffers or other sustainability options. Our Master Plan will ultimately reduce costs, increase efficiency and enhance Chattanooga’s natural beauty. Click here for more information on the project. (live link to press release)

The City of Chattanooga and the community are protecting our future by investing in sustainability today. LDA Engineering is proud to support these initiatives and Green Spaces’ work in promoting sustainability buildings. If we work together now, we can build a cleaner, healthier and sustainable future.

So join us in October for a little music, food and fun. Go to Green Space’s website at www.greenspaceschattanooga.com for more information about their work and visit www.therooftophop.com to purchase tickets.