Johnson City’s New Tannery Knob Water Reservoir After One Year

December 5, 2019

LDA Engineering team members Steve Bostic and Reuben Robertson recently assisted the Project Team members to perform the one-year, construction-warranty inspection for the new five million-gallon Tannery Knob water reservoir in Johnson City. The new prestressed concrete reservoir, which was completed in September 2018, replaced a 1940’s-era concrete reservoir. It provides more system storage for water that is used to offset peak water demands, in power outages, and for firefighting operations.

The purpose of this inspection is to identify items that occurred during the first year of tank operation which require corrective actions in order to protect this significant investment in infrastructure. To accomplish this, the inspector must be familiar with the Plans and Specifications for the project and, applicable construction standards.

To access the interior for inspection, the huge tank is drained and the team enters through a ground level hatch. Once inside, the team performs a condition assessment to note any items which need to be addressed by the tank contractor before the tank is refilled. To ensure the longevity of this infrastructure, the Tannery Knob tank will be drained every five years for inspection and maintenance.

The tank site was also reviewed to evaluate site drainage, a retaining wall, and stabilization methods that were constructed on a shale rock face behind the reservoir.

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