LDA Engineering Selected for Metro Water Services Cleece’s Ferry Rehabilitation

October 6, 2020

LDA was selected to provide engineering services for the Cleeces Ferry Rehabilitation – Area 1 – Summerly Drive project as part of Clean Water Nashville’s consent decree program for overflow abatement. The project consists of the comprehensive rehabilitation of the gravity sewer mains, manholes, and laterals within existing rights-of-way and easements to reduce rainfall derived infiltration and inflow and renew existing infrastructure. The area to be rehabilitated includes approximately 53,100 linear feet of sewer main, 299 manholes and 629 property parcels. A unique aspect of this project is use of the Fulcrum app for streamlined data collection in the field as part of the survey and inspection of the existing sewer system performed by LDA. Fulcrum features include multimedia and detailed characterizations of field and asset conditions. This allows for a digitized approach to asset management and incorporation into MWS’s GIS.

LDA has performed the survey and inspection services and developed a preliminary engineering report. Our team is currently in the design phase, which is expected to be complete by January 2021 for anticipated bid in June 2021.

LDA team members working on the project are Tazio Qubeck, Bart Netherland, Taylor Hagood, Jim Albert, Scott Kibby, and Jason Brooks.

About LDA Engineering

LDA Engineering is a civil and environmental engineering firm serving clients throughout the southeast, with Tennessee offices in Chattanooga, Knoxville, Memphis, Nashville, and Tri-Cities.  Starting in Water Resources in 1982, we have expanded to include Asset Management, Economic & Land Development, Geomatics, Landfill Design, Parks and Recreation, Program Management, Public Works, Stormwater, Transportation, and Water & Wastewater.  LDA has many service lines but one mission: to serve our clients in building STRONGER. HAPPIER. COMMUNITIES