LDA Engineering hires Reuben Robertson

December 3, 2018

LDA Engineering is pleased to welcome Reuben Robertson to our team of employees.  A graduate of the University of Tennessee with a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering, Reuben started his job as an engineer intern at LDA in September and is based in our Johnson City office.  Reuben’s past professional experience includes working as a geotechnical engineering intern.

In his new role at LDA, he has been involved in groundwater monitoring for the Hamblen County landfill and public works projects for the City of Johnson City.  Tasks include field sampling of groundwater wells, flood analysis, and utility project coordination. Supervisor Greg Jones notes, “Reuben’s decision to become an engineer is not surprising given his attention to detail, curiosity, and willingness to learn new tasks.  He is a valuable addition to the LDA team.”

While Reuben was in college studying to be an engineer, he pursued another interest on the side.  He worked at a violin-making shop where he continued after graduation.  He had gotten interested in musical instrument making from being around his father’s piano shop. After a time of running a storefront business in downtown Johnson City where he made a variety of custom furniture including desks, dressers, kitchen cabinets, and tables, Reuben has returned to creating furniture as a hobby while making civil engineering his career.

Reuben says that he enjoys many things about his job at LDA, including the challenging opportunity to work on different phases of multi-discipline projects.  He also values LDA’s vision of STRONGER. HAPPIER. COMMUNITIES. and the public works projects that are a part of that vision.

“During my time running a store and being a part of the downtown community in Johnson City, I have witnessed how impactful thoughtful design can be to the overall well-being of a city,” Reuben says.  He gives the example of Founders Park, a 5-acre sustainable greenspace downtown that includes a large lawn, walking path, amphitheater, and pavilion.  “Founders park has become a rallying point for most city activities, and I was delighted to find out that LDA had a role in designing this space that I have used and enjoyed so much with my family.”