LDA Awarded Bellevue Equalization (EQ) Storage Basin Project, Memphis, TN

April 14, 2021

LDA is excited to again serve the City of Memphis and the Sewer Assessment and Rehabilitation Program (SARP10), with the award of the Bellevue EQ Storage Basin Design project. The City of Memphis continues to strengthen the community through ongoing system improvements to combat the challenges of aging infrastructure, mitigate the risk of system overflows, and prevent critical failures. The Bellevue EQ Basin Storage project will increase system capacity and provide wet weather peak flow storage with the design and construction of conveyance line improvements, diversion structure, an equalization basin, and pumping station. In addition to the positive impacts this investment will have on the wastewater system and water quality, this project engages important stakeholders. The key LDA team members: Ethan Skaggs, Jason Brooks, Steve Bostic, Tazio Qubeck, Taylor Hagood, and Glenn Hanson are collaborating closely with existing landowners and utility organizations to provide an aesthetic, integrated solution for the City of Memphis community.  

LDA is excited to  announce the award of the Bellevue EQ basin and Pump Station Project. Our team is providing design and construction services for the City of Memphis Project as part of the SARP10 Program. The City is taking on the challenge of addressing  aging wastewater infrastructure as part of their Consent Decree to mitigate the risk of critical failures by constructing system improvements. As part of this initiative, the scope includes the design of an equalization basin with a pumping station, diversion structure, piping, odor control, and electrical and instrumentation systems. Conveyance line improvements also include upsizing from a 24-inch to 42-inch in the vicinity of the EQ basin.