King Commons


King Commons Amphitheater is a 3-acre recreational and event space located in downtown Johnson City. King Commons, which includes walking paths and an amphitheater, was completed in 2018 as part of a stormwater retention project to mitigate flooding in the area. Additionally, portions of King Street were converted to a stage area, so that the road could be closed during concerts, festivals and other events. 

LDA Services performed high-resolution imaging tactics with the use of arial drone footage and data. In tandem with the arial footage, Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and survey were utilized to collect geographic data to map the landscape of the area where the design would need to be constructed. From there, computer-aided design and drafting (CADD) software converted the collected data into a technical drawing of the build.


LDA Services, in coordination with LDA Engineering, worked closely with the city for the layout, conceptual design and creation of 3D day and night renderings.