Cleeces Ferry Rehabilitation
Nashville, Tennessee

LDA Services performed data collection/surveying for the Cleeces Ferry Rehabilitation - Area 1. This project is part of Metro Water Services’ Clean Water Nashville Consent Decree Program and consists of the comprehensive rehabilitation of sewer mains, manholes and laterals within existing rights-of-way and easements. The survey portion of this project consisted of asset location and manhole inspections to determine materials, conditions and any defects.

A unique aspect of this survey included the use of Fulcrum for streamlined data collection in the field. Fulcrum’s features include multimedia and detailed characterizations of field and asset conditions, allowing for a digitized approach to asset management and incorporation into the client’s Geographic Information Systems (GIS).


By redesigning with both infrastructure and public use in mind, LDA created a beautifully functional park, environmentally improved the stream and 7-square-mile drainage area and paved the way for surrounding economic growth.